Hi! My name is Marlene, and I believe everyday life should be lived beautifully. 

I don't mean we should all wear period clothing and sit about in languor. I do mean that ordinary life can be made quite extraordinary by being immersed in the beautiful. 

It does not take much to introduce beauty to one's life- a scrap of lace, a splash of cheery paint, or a smattering of music: all these things can transform a living space and make it livable. 

Beautiful things like vintage typewriters, well-made clothes, or poetry are all accouterments; that is to say, they aren't necessary, but they are needed. They make the difference between living, and living well. 


If you put a man into a blank white room with bland furniture and feed him the bare necessities, he will merely survive, because he is only surrounded by necessary things. But, if you add a touch of color to those walls, add art and music, and feed him tasty and wholesome food, he will live, because he is surrounded by the humane: the accouterments of life. 

It is my belief, then, that life can be made extraordinarily beautiful by a touch of the beautiful... a touch of whimsy.