Monday, August 1, 2016

Exciting Costume Patterns, Part Two: McCall's

So, last week we talked about exciting new Simplicity patterns. This week, it's time to talk about McCall's!


McCalls has never been on top of the "great costume pattern" game (at least in my mind), but recently they've been doing their best to catch up- both on their main site and their latest branch-off, "Cosplay". Cosplay not only offers exclusive patterns by cosplayers across the globe, but it has a fantastic blog and offers classic out-of-print Butterick and McCall's patterns. 

New Patterns 

McCall's has a few new patterns that I really dig- but there's plenty more on their site (click the pics to be taken to the page)!

This is McCall's take on Rey's Jakku costume- which would need some adjustments, but otherwise it's a good base. Also, nice Uggs. 

Sith lord lovers, rejoice! Here's their dupe for Kylo Ren/Ben Solo's costume. Even if you're not a Kylo fan, this is a great base for any other Sith costume (Darths Maul, Revan, and Nihilus come to mind). 

This is definitely not a historically accurate Regency gown, but for cosplayers who are interested in something "different", it's a fun piece. As for you historical sewists, avert your eyes. 

The Vault Collection 

Like Simplicity's "print-on-demand" feature, "The Vault Collection" is a series of patterns that were once out of print but have been brought back by popular demand. Here are some of my favorite come-backs!

19-teen's sailor-esque blouse? YES PLEASE. 

Look closely... those are culottes, not a skirt! 

This has always been a classic in my book. 

Tune in next week for the last segment of the latest exciting costume patterns saga: Butterick! 

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