Monday, August 8, 2016

Exciting Costume Patterns, Part Three: Butterick!

Now for the last segment in our exciting costume pattern saga: Butterick Patterns!


Butterick has always been the best for historical patterns, thanks to designer Nancy Ferris-Thee, who has contributed many-a-pattern to their portfolio. Here are my favorites amongst their latest- click on the pics to be taken to the site!

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for early 1900's fashion. This walking jacket and skirt are BEAUTIFUL, and I really, really want to acquire this pattern, even if all I do is stare at it. 

The accompanying menswear pattern is a lovely English-style weskit, with glorious details such as four pockets, manly lapels, and double-breasted buttons. This is a stylish vest for wear even in today's fashion world, and I might be tempted to make this for my fiance. MAYBE.

Here's the English-style coat that goes over it- just wonderful. I love it! 

Here's a 1870's-80's walking dress that is just lovely. 

Finally, one of Gertie's latest patterns reminded me of the signature dress from the 1954 film, Sabrina, which I blogged about a while back. I'm not sure if that was Gertie's intention, but I think this pattern can easily be altered to look like this classic Hepburn gown! 

That concludes my fangirling about my favorite new patterns! Have any favorites you'd like to share? I'm all ears! 

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