Monday, August 29, 2016

Custom Order: Union Regimental Jacket!

So, this custom order began with a movie. It's called Santa Fe Trail, and all you need to know about it is that Errol Flynn (yes, Robin Hood) plays a young Jeb Stuart during the Bleeding Kansas campaign just before the Civil War erupted. 

My fiance's little brother absolutely loves this movie, and after a recent visit to Gettysburg, he decided he wanted a jacket just like Jeb Stuart's. 

And here's what I came up with! 

This was one of those rare projects where everything pulls together... I had everything (yes, even the Melton wool!) on hand except the pattern. 

It was all such a joy to make... 

These shoulder boards were the crowning jewel, however. Tutorial coming soon! 

Interested in your own Civil War Regimental Jacket? Let me know! 

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