Monday, July 18, 2016

Tea Cosy, Anyone?

I've been an avid tea drinker for almost ten years, but my love for that singular nectar of the gods has intensified in the last few years. One of my friends has a tea cosy her English mum made her, and so of course I needed to make one for myself! 
Pattern: Here
Tutorial/photo reference: Here

The best part? For all but the batting, I used stash fabrics! Win-win! 

I haven't quilted in a bazillion years, so that was fun. Of course, with the polka dot design on my main fabric, it was rather easy. 

For the teapot design, I was inspired by this pin.

I also threw in a bit of text... embroidery design was from this lovely book. If you're in need of some lovely iron-on monogram and embroidery designs, I would recommend springing the $12 for it. 

The text of the design was inspired by Fanny Dashwood in the '95 Sense and Sensibility film. After an awkward moment at the table, Fanny tersely recommends a course of action: 


And there you have it, my new tea cosy! 
(And my purple cow creamer, which is the pride and joy of my china cabinet.)

 Have a tea cosy story to share? Would you like me to custom make you one? I'm all ears! 

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