Monday, July 11, 2016

My Refashioning Philosophy and Some Adventures Thereof

I have a rigid refashioning philosophy, especially after certain, uh, earlier attempts at it didn't go so well. My new philosophy is more along the lines of the Great Depression slogan, "Repair, reuse, make do, and don't throw anything away.So, when I have clothes that either don't fit the way I want them to or need repair, I bless my lucky stars that I have such a wonderful mum who taught me how to sew. 

Because really, if you're actively going out and buying clothes specifically to refashion (and likely won't wear them more than twice)... what's the whole point of refashioning? I thought it was born of a motive to be thrifty and economical, not to be solely a crafty challenge. Of course, if that's your cuppa tea, then by all means, go ahead- but consider the reasons why you're doing it in the first place. 

In any case, off my soap box. Now to my own refashions of late, which were all lovelies in my wardrobe that needed help. 

This one was six inches too long, which is rare for me because skirts generally tend to be on the shortish side. And if you're 5'8", that's generally a problem. This skirt was in that awkward limbo between the knees and ankles, but the print and potential shape were too cute to let it pass back into the cycle of thrift. 

Besides, just lookit that pattern. It's gorgeous. Kinda fairy-tale-ish, but it's missing toadstools. Add that to the fact that it's married to rayon, and you've got the perfect skirt, minus six inches. Now it's the perfect knee-length and ready to be worn for years to come! 

Next comes a skirt that was four inches too short. Hence, my typical problem. Luckily, this little number had a lining, so I was able to chop it off, add in a piece to make up for the deficiency, and reattach everything. It worked really well, and now I have another delightful print to re-refresh my wardrobe. 

Last comes a vintage-y Hawaii-Cabana-cutesy dress, that was in need of sleeves. Now, call me squeemish, but my shoulders are definitely on the broad side and look rather unfeminine peeking out of sleeveless dresses. So, I prefer a cap sleeve to no sleeve at all... but the great problem of this dress was, where to get fabric to make sleeves?

Solution: the dress had an ugly fabric belt attached! Pardon me to the folk that love them, but I can't stand them on my clothes. Fabric belts in the same material (or any material, really) don't do a thing for dresses. Unless they're huge silken pirate sashes, then they do a whole lot of good. In any case, I was able to craft some cap sleeves out of the sash, which enabled me to save this dress and not spend another penny! Always a good thing! 

Have you been doing any refashioning lately? Let me know in the comments! 

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