Monday, July 25, 2016

Exciting Costume Patterns, Part 1: Simplicity

Costumers, rejoice! I know I'm a bit late on the draw with this pattern fangirling, but even if you've had a look at some of these patterns before, I'm positive you'll enjoy the "look-see" again.

So, it looks like the "big three" pattern companies have FINALLY caught on that sewists aren't necessarily interested in cheap, halloweenish patterns. When I started sewing back in 2007, historical sewists and cosplayers always groaned that great patterns were far and few between, and often had to resort to indie pattern companies for what they needed.

Let's start with Simplicity, which has always been my favorite of the three (shh, don't tell McCalls).


One of the best trends has been "print-on-demand" patterns, which are often just out-of-print patterns that are expensive and hard to find in good condition on eBay. Here are a few of my favorites, more are to be found on the Simplicity website (click the pics to be taken to the web page)!

New patterns 

Apart from offering print-on-demand patterns, Simplicity also has some great new patterns. Again, here are my favorites- more to be found on the site! 

This is a redux of an older pattern, but it's a much nicer design. 

I'm pretty sure view B is meant to be Rey's Jakku costume from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It also just has a generally awesome fantasy/sci-fi feel, so I think it's a great pattern for costumers to play with. 

First of all, ZELDA DOES NOT WIELD A SWORD. Unless she's the Clockwork Princess, in which case the model dress is the wrong color. In any case, this pattern excites me. Not only does it provide the best base EVER for a Zelda costume, it also includes patterns for her armor and crown! So exciting! Adjustments are needed to replicate the exact design, but other than that, it's a great starting point. 

Not wild about those pants, but that's one great steampunk jacket. 

Jane from Tarzan, anyone? Also, that's an interesting corset- a bit longer than most that are offered in costume patterns. Might be worth it just for that. 

Tune in next week for exciting new McCall's patterns! 

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