Monday, July 4, 2016

An Apron for Miss Marlene

I've been hankering for an apron for a long time, because I've had this lovely lemon fabric in my stash that I was dying to use. My mum surprised me with a pattern, so what was left but to sew it?  

It was a very enjoyable thing to sew- there were opportunities for "professional" techniques, like under-stitching and top-stitching and seam-binding. 

In order to decorate the bib, I found a lovely lattice lace in my stash (wa-hoo!) and stitched it down the middle. 

I am so addicted to over-sized pockets right now, so I was happy when I found that the pattern had them. I used some scalloped eyelet lace... from the stash. I love busting my stash, if you couldn't tell.  

And here it is finished! It's very durable and ready for long years of use. 

Check out them pockets. Mrs. Cleever worthy? 

Top-stitching, yes. 

It looks fantastic with my new cookbook binder- review coming soon! 

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