Monday, June 6, 2016

Tea and Shoot Dress Diary: Finished!

I realized that I'm a horrible person and I never shared my Tea and Shoot dress from last September! Here are the final results, including how the hat turned out!

First, the hat, because the Tea and Shoot really is about hats. I had so much fun reclaiming a tired old hat! Hopefully, I'll have a tutorial up soon on the process. 

The hat, as seen from a different angle. My escort gave me his coat, as it was a tad chilly that day. 

Here we are, enjoying the "tea" portion of the "Tea and Shoot". You can kind of see how my overskirt curves up in the back for a nice neo-classical shape. Also, I got to wear crochet lace gloves. Any day I can do that is a good day. 

Finally, (most of) the front of my dress! 

I had a lovely time wearing my dress... if you're interested in one of your own, do drop me a line! I love custom orders! 

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