Monday, June 20, 2016

Nifty Tricks: My Great Aunt's Advice!

My Italian great-aunt has done a great deal of sewing over the years, and she's still an active seamstress and crafter. Every time I go to see her, she's got some new project or another going. However, she has one regret about her long life of sewing: she never took pictures of her work

In her old age, she would have loved to have had a scrapbook portfolio of all the things she's done, from costumes to vestments to garments to you name it. So, she's urged me many times to make one for myself. "You'll enjoy it," she tells me, every time. 

So, I took her advice- I started one! It's a bit of work, but I believe my great-aunt when she says that I'll appreciate this. 

I just bought a normal scrapbook, although a normal photo-album would do just as nicely. I just wanted to have a place to put my notes about each project. 

It's funny, though: my great-aunt told me that she's forgotten about a lot of the projects she's done. I forgot about these elven garbs (here and here), and I was pleasantly reminded of them when I flipped through my portfolio just now. I can only imagine how nice that'll be in fifty years when I can pull out this album and show my grandkids (and great nieces, possibly) all the things I'll have made over the years... all thanks to my wonderful great-aunt. 

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