Monday, May 23, 2016

Vintage Dream

So, I'm wondering if y'all remember my "sneak peek" post awhile back about this beautiful vintage dress, circa 1950. Well, if you forgot, that's perfectly alright- it's almost been a year. I promised pictures sooner, but the only reason I didn't post them sooner was because I didn't wear the dress when I thought I would. I saved it for bigger and better things than a contra dance (although contra dances are the knees of the bees).

I saved it for my school's Spring Formal, which is traditionally hosted by the freshmen for the graduating seniors as a farewell gift. This year, it was a masquerade ball! Loads of fun! So, my dress was at home amongst the masks, twinkle lights, and jazzy music. 

As usual, the only pictures I seem to have are of the back... none of the full front. 

But there is this one, which I'm rather partial to.

And no, I'm not selling this dress. It's mine, and it's mine forever. 

....until, that is, I have daughters that have dances to attend. 

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