Monday, May 30, 2016

Dressing Up: Medieval Foibles!

Every year in the dead of winter, my school hosts a medieval banquet in honor of our patron, Sir Thomas More. We get to dress up in medieval finery, eat with our fingers (seriously, there's no cutlery), and sing rowdy pub songs in the cafeteria. It's great.

You have to wait at the door and be announced in grand style by amusing pseudonym. Your picture is also taken, hence the oddity you see before you. I got to wear my favoritest costume ever, and my escort was wearing the Sith robes I custom-made for him last summer. Might I add that those robes are incredibly versatile? He's been able to dress up like a Plague Doctor, a Sith Lord, a religious of some kind... the possibilities are endless. 

I love dressing up! 

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