Thursday, October 15, 2015

Customer Photos: Prince Caspian's Linen Shirt!

Here's a customer photo of the Prince Caspian Linen Shirt I did a while back. It's always wonderful to see pictures of my work being enjoyed by customers, and this is no exception! 

Thanks so much for sending this in, Kathryn!

If you're interested in your own Caspian Linen shirt, please don't fail to drop me a line! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY China Cabinet Makeover

If there ever was a good time for doing DIY projects inside to beautify your home, fall through winter would be it!

We have a beautiful built-in china cabinet in our farmhouse, and I wanted to spice it up a bit last winter so I lined the back with scrapbook paper. I saw the idea originally in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, except they did theirs with wallpaper. Seeing the height of the shelves of our cabinet, I figured scrapbook paper would be the right size instead of buying wallpaper.

So, in all, it's a cheap (under $15!) and fun project that takes all of an afternoon to do. You don't need a built-in cabinet for this project, an ordinary china cabinet, shelving unit, or even kitchen cabinets would be perfect for this!

Also, please forgive my cell phone pictures-- I didn't think to use my nice camera!

Materials required: 

-Scrapbook paper (I used two different kinds)*
-Scissors and/or razor
-Modpodge (either gloss or matte) 
-Sponge brush for gluing
-Rag for dusting 

Not shown and optional: 
-Home decor trim*

*Buy way more of these than you'll think you'll need to prevent aggravation later! 

For starters, dust off that shelf and clear it! Nothing's worse than having a dusty glue job... so dust it real good! 

I had to cut and size my pieces to fit correctly. It helps to place the paper against the surface before cutting and gluing just so you can get an eyeball of how it will look. Saves on headaches later! Nota bene: The French country paper I selected ended up needing a bit of piecing that was a bit buggerish when trying to put it all up. Keep this in mind while shopping for your scrapbook paper! 

The next thing after cutting and piecing is to begin the gluing process! I glued each piece of paper then carefully set it in place. After the initial glue had dried, I used the Mod Podge to seal the paper and protect it from the elements. I only papered the back wall, because I figured doing the sides would have been "too busy", as my mother says. 

That's the bottom shelf done! 

...and the middle... I used a different paper than the first shelf to add interest. I ended up liking the second paper better than the first, because it was lighter and didn't look quite as noticeable when I had to piece it. 

By this point, your dining room table will look an absolute mess... but hey, that's okay! It gave me a great opportunity to sort through things and decide what I wanted and didn't want in the cabinet. So organization ties into all this hubbub as well! 

After all your shelves are finished, you have the option of applying a home decor trim to the edges to add interest and definition! I had enough to apply it to the sides, but you can do the rest as well.

I put some doilies down before replacing the dishes, to complete the country cottage look. I think it looks absolutely sweet! 

Have fun arranging your dishes on your newly refinished china cabinet! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it gives you some inspiration for projects of your own!