Thursday, September 10, 2015


Smocking is one of those things I thought I'd never learn because it seemed like one of those majestic seamstress secrets that was so difficult that only a select few could master it. Like, I never thought I could actually become a 

In any case, I was a little apprehensive when I saw that my Prince Caspian Shirt project required some honeycomb smocking on the sleeves. So, I tried looking up a bunch of tutorials on different blogs and websites, but they really didn't help me much... then, this video from The Handmade Dress popped up on the search results:

God bless this woman, her southern accent, and those perky green nails of hers. I swear. She's the Shifu of Smocking. Nothing made sense until I actually saw it being done slowly and carefully... of course, I am a visual learner, so having someone demonstrate a technique is much better than trying to read about it or even peering at pictures. 

So I made my little dots on the fabric, just below the completed sleeve embroidery motif. The smocking, according to the Narniaweb costuming site, sits roughly above the elbow, so the sleeve would acquire a distinctive shape.  

Here is the first row. I was so excited. Like, unbelievably so... I ran downstairs to show my professional-seamstress mother, and she looked at me like, "Well done, my padawan." 

When row two of six was started, I began to see the classic honeycomb shape. I was ecstatic. 

My euphoric state of mind lasted pretty much through the whole project, both sleeves. While I'm still no expert at it (I'm sure my rows are all uneven and ugly and stuff), but I loved doing this smocking... if you happen to want to try it out, please do! It's super easy and way more fun than it looks! I want to try other smocking patterns, so I'll be sure to post my attempts on here. 

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