Thursday, September 3, 2015

Custom Order: Prince Caspian Linen Shirt

This summer's all-consuming custom order project, mentioned in this post, was Prince Caspian's linen shirt from the movie Prince Caspian. 

The original and my version! 
My version isn't nearly as detailed as the original, which has insane embroidery all over the place and stuff that I didn't have time or the energy to do. But I think I did manage to capture the overall look of the shirt. For a good eyeball on what the original looks like, here's an amazing website that I used for research, as well as this AWESOME Narnian costuming blog

The shirt is constructed out of linen, with embroidery floss, piping, and buttons to add to the fun. 

It's hard to get the sleeves looking right on a dress form because so much of their shaping depends on an arm being in them. But trust me. They look good! 

So, for the sleeves, I had to learn two new techniques. 

Cartridge pleating, to set the sleeves in properly... 

...and honeycomb smocking, which I've never ever done before. It was insanely fun, by the way. I'll have a post about smocking up soon! 

The collar and neck facing featured piping, a three-button closure, and a tad of embroidery. 

And even though I didn't do all of the embroidery that is visible on the original shirt, I still did a ton! Proof: 

Below the neck facing...

Shirt front... 

Shirt back and sleeve cap... 

Back center embroidery... 

Front and back side embroidery...


So, that was my magnum opus of the summer. Hope you enjoyed taking a look at it! 

So, if you should so desire a Caspian Linen Shirt of your own, please contact me and we'll discuss prices and the level of detail you'd like. I would be most happy to craft this shirt again! 

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