Thursday, September 24, 2015

Custom Order: Bridal Cloak

One of my custom orders this summer was extra special. My lovely friend is getting married in November, and she needed a cloak to wear over her bridal gown! She also wanted a dressier cloak for special occasions and such, so we found the perfect fabric and lining for it! 

She selected her clasp from Etsy, and it looks absolutely beautiful next to the blue wool. 

Here's what it looks like completely closed-- the first image was merely to demonstrate the contrast between the silver and the navy. I just love the drape of the fabric! 

The hood is nice and full, allowing ample room when pulled up to look elegant... or elven. Whatever you're in to. 

Cloaks are always in fashion and are a definite head-turning, eye-catching, and WARM garment! If you want to commission me to craft one for your wedding or just as an awesome winter layer, then please don't fail to contact me! There are unlimited color/fabric choices just waiting to be chosen... 

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