Monday, August 3, 2015

Finally Completed: Star Wars Old Republic Jedi Robes

 In case you're wondering why I said finally completed in the post title, here's why: I started these robes three years ago. Here's proof of my procrastination. I'm usually not one of those people who starts something, packs it away, then procrastinates over it for years. USUALLY. But this one was started in the flush of a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan frenzy and I never really had a reason to finish off the other pieces of the assemble.

  Well, until now. Come December, I'm going to saddle up to that ticket office and ask the attendant which movie they think I want to see. If they say "Star Wars, duh", then my mission will be complete.

I lurrrrvveesss them. 

The pants look stupid not on me, but they're meant to be tucked into my brown riding boots for a suitably-Star-Warsy look. 

And yeah. I've got fingerless gloves to wear with it, and hope to pick up at least a plastic lightsaber from Target or somewhere to finish off the look. Eventually, I hope to add a long over robe, but that's not essential at this time. Perhaps when I make a Clone Wars era set of robes, I'll make an over robe that will be compatible with both. For now... I love my Old Republic robes. 

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