Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thrift Store Cocktail Dress Refashion!

This was one of those thrift store buys that just "worked". We thrifters know the rush of excitement when we find a great dress, but when we pull it off the rack, we realize that it's going to need some work before it's wearable. 

But this dress... I tried it on and I discovered the only thing it needed was some sleeves. The fit was great, the length was perfect, AND it was half-off! 

I knew it had the potential of being a great cocktail dress... so I went ahead and bought it. 


We were given a bunch of fabric by a sweet lady, and amongst the treasures was found a piece of polyester satin that was almost perfectly matched to the gold/tan underneath the lace of the dress. SO. Sleeves were cut, using the same pattern I drafted from my spring formal gown from 2012

I constructed them using my machine, finished off the lower hems, and then attached the sleeves by hand to the dress. I didn't want to bother the little beaded trim on the bodice neckline. 

I also added a silk sash, but the lovely thing about this dress is that because there were pre-existing sash loops, I can switch up the sash whenever I please. It helps that the dress is a neutral color, so I have a wide range of colors I can play with. 

Huzzah for awesome thrift find!

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