Monday, July 6, 2015

Stash Challenge: Vintage-y Sewing Plans!

Stash challenge update, ooohhh yay! What do I have for you here this time? 

That's the golden part of the stash y'all haven't seen yet. It's the lovely VINTAGE-Y WOOLENS that were given to us by a lovely lady. I have such plans for them. 

...such as the beautifully tailored 1940's blazer in the bottom right corner of this pattern... AND I have the lining already. WIN WIN. I love sewing from my stash... goodness, why haven't I done this more seriously before? It's so liberating* to just use what you have. What a concept. Of course, if you don't have a stash to begin with, I suppose you couldn't. But if you do have one... give it a try. Not using it is like having a shelf full of books and never reading them, but always acquiring more books just for the sake of it. 

Back in the other part of the stash, we have a bunch of random projects lying around. I can't wait to see these turned into lovely vintage-y garments! Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to take pictures of them and post so you can see the fruits of my stash frenzy. 

*I could very well have made a pun, but I didn't. Sew there. 

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