Monday, July 20, 2015

My Evil Plan

So, I have this evil plan. I'm going to make a dress for both the Halloween Dance AND the Medieval Night at my school... using stash fabrics. It won't cost me a penny because all the materials were given to me! 

Anyway, here's the design. It's a fantasy dress, inspired by the pre-Raphelite paintings of Waterhouse and Leighton. I don't really care that it's not period-accurate because sincerely, no one at my college will care. And if they do care, well, they can go sit in the stacks all day. By themselves. Listening to One Direction. 

AND HERE'S THE GORGEOUS MATERIAL. Isn't it loverly? The gold damask is for the main dress, the light gold/tan is for the ruffles and stuff, and the deep, wine red satin is for the underskirt. 

...another shot on the gold because it's so loverly... 

Yeah. I'm excited about this project. Hopefully I can get around to sewing it... I'll be busy-busy these next couple of weeks trying to get things done before school starts up! 

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