Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Year Shop Anniversary!

It's been five years since I first opened my Etsy shop! So happy with the way my shop style has developed... I'm quite content with doing custom orders as my main shop fare. Certainly not the vision I had when I opened the shop five summers ago... I had dreams of having a shop crammed with ready-made items. However, it seems my expertise lies in custom orders and sewing to satisfy the customer. 

Above is a door sign I made probably five or six or seven years ago... I rather like it. I just found it stowed in a pattern envelope randomly, saved by my far-seeing mother who knew I would love to find it years down the road. So, I put it up on my wall and can enjoy my wonderful 14-15 year old art. 

In any case, thanks to all my customers who have made my shop possible! I look forward to many more years of costuming and sewing! 

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