Monday, May 25, 2015

Take a Break From Sewing! Tutorial Round Up

Sometimes you just keep sewing and sewing and you need a break from it all... I know I get this way. This is where Pinterest (mostly) comes in handy- that is, if I don't get stuck drooling over all the lovelies and never taking action on any of the projects I find there. In any chase, since most of the tutorials on there are just a picture long, I took pains to find some fun full-length tutorials on my favorite blogs. Here are my five wanna-do tutorials for breaking from sewing! 

I've actually done this tutorial- it took me all of ten minutes to gather supplies and do it. I even did a variant in a different color! Warning: this is a VERY addicting tutorial, because you're going to want a chubby little teapot in every color! Affix the charm to a necklace, make two small ones and turn them into earrings, or just pop it on a keychain. The possibilities are endless! 

Here's a pretty quick tutorial. I like the idea of photocopying the page before cutting it apart... may or may not have destroyed a book in order to make earrings of my own. *sheepish grin* In any case, this is applicable for other settings, like cameo settings or what have you. Hobby Lobby has it all, I'm convinced. 

I'm always going to be a sucker for anything remotely fairy-tale-esque, so this definitely hits the spot. One could even craft the pea out of polymer clay... there's lots you can do with this tutorial! 

The geek in me sings when I see nerdy tutorials like this floating around. One of my college mates has a pair of these and she rocks them like anything. They look like they're really easy to make, too! 

Last but not least is this wonderful tea party hat tutorial, one which I fully intend on realizing. My college hosts an annual tea party on the main campus lawn, one which I look forward to with great anticipation. I'm hoping to refashion a straw hat that's been sitting around the house for a while, and pull together some newly purchased and stash fabrics to make a tea dress from one of Mrs. Chancey's beautiful patterns. Don't worry. You'll be getting full documentation of it.

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