Monday, May 18, 2015

McCall's Pattern Rant

I've been doing more thinking about pattern covers since my sleepwear rant a few weeks ago. You know, of all the pattern companies, McCall's has got to have the worst photo shoots for their patterns. You'd think that they'd want to make their patterns exhibit how great their patterns are, and make you want to sew with them?


Wrong. I have never been less inclined to sew a vest before. Not only that, but this isn't an out of print pattern, folks- no, this is still being manufactured. Apparently, this look is still "in". 

Now, before I go any further, let me say that McCall's prints a good deal of patterns that I happen to like and I do like them on the whole, I just... well, I have difficulty understanding this: 

I think it's supposed to be a pattern to appeal to cosplayers, for it appears that the designer was going for a Frozen/Sailor Moon crossover. But, but... the makeup. The fabric choices. The whole idea. Oh, and for your information, I checked. The leggings are a part of the pattern. 

So maybe the other costume patterns are better? Maybe? 

I don't deny that the concept of being able to sew fun superhero costumes is great, but... is the "dad" wearing makeup...? Also, is the "m" on his chest symbolic of "McCalls"...? 

Okay, turning from costume patterns (because it kind of seems hopeless), let's see about clothing patterns. 

Nah. My hopes have been dashed yet again. How did the photographers/coordinators introduce the idea of this shot to the models? "Oh yes, in the next one, you're going to hug. But not a normal hug. We want this to be edgy, just like the fabric on his sweater thing." 

Speaking of edgy, pretty sure that's what they were going for in this shot: 

I suppose they didn't think of shortening the skirt in the back, because otherwise it's going to get stuck in the chain of that bike if she should decide to mount it and ride to prom. Or not prom. It's a prom dress, judging from the fabric, but she's a bit old for prom, right...? 

Okay, okay. So the photoshoots are a bit weird and they try their best to make them different. What if you just wanted a simple pattern for scrubs? How weird could that get? 

The pattern is actually pretty good, as far as scrubs go. But apparently they're conveying the idea that hand sanitizer is all nurses care about. It must be a metaphor. Like, there's a moral in this picture, if you look at it long enough. This nurse is wearing good scrubs, which means she cares a lot not only about her physical appearance, but also about your overall happiness. She doesn't want a visit to the doctor's ruined because of a bad set of scrubs. But she also cares about your overall health. Use that sanitizer, because deep down, she cares.  

Thank you, McCalls- you make great patterns, but maybe you need to rethink your pattern covers. All the same, they provide much amusement for yours truly. 

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