Thursday, May 28, 2015

Italian Finds: "Princess" Tablecloth!

Here's another of my "Italian Finds", what I call my "Princess" tablecloth because of particular aspects of the embroidery design. I believe this piece is entirely machine embroidered, but I could be wrong. 

This is what the center embroidery design looks like unfolded... 

...and this is one of the edges on the center embroidery. Note the eyelets on the corners and the coloring, both quite beautiful! 

This is the reason why I call it my "Princess" tablecloth. It kind of looks like Cinderella's pumpkin-y carriage, if you look at it the right sort of way. 

Last but not least, the edge corner design. So sweet! 

If anyone has any information whatsoever about the techniques or design on this piece, please do comment! I would love to learn more about my little "Italian Finds!"

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