Thursday, May 21, 2015

Italian Finds: Applique Tablecloth!

So, this past semester, I was blessed and most fortunate to be able to go and study in Rome! It was a hectic three months, as can be expected, but I had a glorious time. Much walking, good food, wonderful sights, amazing Churches, and great company were had. Anyways, the reason I bring this wonderful semester of mine into question is this: I found a bunch of embroidered linens and lace at a Roman street market and I wanted to share my "Italian Finds" with you all! 

The first on the list is a beautiful little linen tablecloth with hand embroidery, applique work, and inset lace! 

Here is a detail picture on one of the corner designs. You can see the edging lace and the color choices... isn't it just beautiful? 

Here's a close-up of the applique- notice that the little yellow flower is actually raised, as it's filled with something to give the pattern texture! 

I heard one of my Rome professors say that the Roman women flock to this particular street market to purchase these linens, as they know such things can't be purchased anywhere else. He said they are aware of the quality and beauty of these linens... and the cheapness. Most of these linens only cost me one euro, which is about a dollar nowadays. Can't beat that! 

If anyone has any information whatsoever about the techniques or design on this piece, please do comment! I would love to learn more about my little "Italian Finds!"

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