Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New year, new look

Since the school year is over (for me, at least), it's time to get my sewing back on track! A couple things: 

1. I've decided to shift my shop name back to the original, but since it's in the midst of things, both shop and blog will look a bit messy. Like the new look, though? I decided to go with a vintage-y sewing clipart look, thanks to the Graphics Fairy.

2. In the meantime, however, the shop is up and running. I put some ready-made items back up, and will be adding more soon. 

3. I have spaces for custom orders over the summer! I have two slots already taken, but I am open to ideas and suggestions!

4. I'm putting together a Facebook page (finally). There will likely be a sale or somesuch celebration when that finally gets set up.

5. Working on getting Direct checkout for my shop, so soon I'll be able to accept credit card payments and Etsy giftcards! 

So, yeah. That's about it. Again, if you have any inquiries whatsoever, please let me know. I am looking forward to a summer of sewing! 

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