Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Custom Order: Snow White!

Last summer I worked with a lovely lady from Down Under to create a Snow White and the Huntsman inspired overdress- she sent me these lovely pictures a while ago and I neglected to post them until now.

It's crafted out of a two different colors of velvet- burgundy, which is visible, and forest green. That way, she can wear it two different ways! 

Additionally, the sleeves are removable so she can get even more looks out of the same overdress! 

I would love to make this again... there are a plethora of options with this costume which makes the prospect of crafting it again uber exciting, so don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested! I can make it look movie exact or, if you prefer, we can go with an 'inspired by' look instead. The options are almost endless. 


  1. Hey - that's me! Thank you so much for the beautiful dress! :D

    By the way - have you seen Maleficent? I'm thinking I'm going to need to commission some more clothes from you soon - this time to make the brown-gold dress and coat she wears after her wings have been cut off. It's so beautiful! Also, she is BADASS.

  2. Oh lol, I had forgotten you follow this blog! :D

    MALEFICENT WAS AWESOME. She *was* so badass... ahh. Yeah. That movie was great and I'd LOVE to make that costume, let me know when you're ready to start on it! :D I also really liked Aurora's costumes. Really lovely.

    Is it just me or did the overall feel of the castle seem sort of Game of Thronesish...?

    1. Yes it did!

      Here's the kind of costume I want - perhaps not as complex as this but a dress kind of like this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MB5Q4iuZvMw/U4nsM2XCOCI/AAAAAAAAAP4/miirE8Pe4i8/s1600/Angelina+Jolie+Maleficent+film+costume.jpg
      (which is what she wears in the battle against the old king) and then a coat/cloak like this to go over the top

      I'm not sure what they're made of - I think before ordering we should wait till it comes out on DVD so one can get detailed screenshots. And they wouldn't have to be quite so detailed. Maybe there'll be a pattern made for it like there was for Snow White and the Huntsman