Thursday, February 21, 2013

Susan Coronation Dress: Modelled at Last!

 Finally FINALLY finally I have pictures of me in my Susan Coronation dress! You've already heard about the finer details in previous posts (here, here and here), so I'm just going to show off pictures and point a few things out. Yay.

 You can get a clear view of the split skirt in this shot. The reason I opted for a split skirt was that I figured since Susan is only shown riding, the skirt must be split or something. Either that or so stupidly full that I wouldn't have had enough fabric to do it with.


Gah, I will never wear this dress in summer. It is so heavy and hot.

  Your next question may be, "Well? Whaddya gonna do with it now?" 

  Good question.

Right now, I'm at a crossroads with this outfit. Do I jump the gun and just sell the whole dang thing and forget it ever happened (I mean, there's a lot of painful memories with this dress, even though it turned out okay), or do I save it for some occasion? many occasions warrant the wearing of medieval/fantasy costumes? While I wish I could say "CHYEA A LOT", I'd only be lying to myself. Perhaps this will be in the shop sooner than you think.

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  1. Oh, it's so beautiful. Now if only I had several hundred dollars lying around I would buy this one and Susan's archery dress!! Susan is my favorite character and it would be so awesome to have a replica of one of her dresses to wear to ren fairs and the likes.