Monday, February 11, 2013


  The reason I haven't really been posting lately is not that I haven't had the time nor any projects to show you- on the contrary, I simply haven't had the chance to photograph any of my recent creations! Last weekend, I had a grand friend of mine came over and we had a wonderful time with our photoshoot. We listened to Taylor Swift and the Princess Bride soundtrack (mmyy loovvee isss like a sttorrryyyboookk looovvee), drank tea and basically had a great time.

  Here's a few sneak peeks just to sate your appetite, for in the coming weeks my shop will be replenished with new wares and this blog shall be full of fun posts!

 This is my normally spick-and-span living room, which was disheveled in the highest degree to get the backdrop for our shoot... and you can see my lovely model in one of the blouses I created for my spring/summer {whimsies} line!

 Here is moi, getting ready for my Ocktoberfest/Dirndl shoot. Yes, that really is a lightsaber in the background. I think we covered a plethora of genres with this one... Steampunk and Sci-Fi all the way to Recency and Edwardian!

And last but not least, another preview of the upcoming {whimsies} line. Betcha can't wait.

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  1. Those all look so pretty! And having a friend over to share in the fun is always nice. Can't wait to see the upcoming whimsies!! :)