Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  Every October, friends of ours host a marvelous Ocktoberfest- there's cider, wonderful food, bonfires, and most important of all: dancing. No one has ever dressed up yet, so I took the stand and made a Dirndl for the occasion!

  ...admittedly, it was a tad awkward with me being the only one in traditional German dress, but I think this year the other ladies (and maybe some of the men!) will be costumed as well! Perhaps my attire was a spur to prick the sides of their intent? Yes? No? Maybe?

  Anyway, here is my Dirndl. I had a load of fun making it and it's quite possibly the most comfortable costume I've ever made! I hope to wear it for this year's 'fest and to the second Hobbit film... unless, of course, something happens and I decide to make another costume from Middle Earth.

Pfft. Like, that never happens.

 You can see the detailing I put into the back- I have a book of Dirndl pictures from Germany, and some of them had GORGEOUS detailing along the seam lines in the back. This is my attempt at it!

 There are three pieces- the half blouse (it's so awesome), the jumper, and the apron.

If you'd like your very own Dirndl, feel free to contact me! I'd love to make another one of these... not all Dirndls look alike, there are tons of variations, and we can explore one together!


  1. Since my Mom is 100% German, I'm pretty sure she has a dirndl too. I think I had one, when I was very small! :) Yours is darling.

  2. Thank you for photos of dirndl, want one, so am looking at patterns. Did you make or buy the patterns for dirndl and top? Like your design on the back. Am looking at my fabric stash. Where/what book did you have for dirndl's?
    Thank you
    just found this last year when thought of dirndl but had to get lots other life stuff done first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI9XsW_PbmU