Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{whimsies} Daisy Blouse

   My {whimsies} line is slowly making its way to the shop! Have you seen the perky new items? Here's one of them... my Friendly Daisy blouse. The model thought it reminded her of Taylor Swift's latest fashion trend, namely the outfits in her Begin Again music video.

  ...uber complement in my book! 

Just a fun, lightweight blouse for spring/summer!

 Fashion-forward Peter Pan collar... an oldie, but a goodie.

  Hurry to fetch it before someone snatches it up first! Like the design? Not your colors? Not your size? Contact me, we'll make one just for you!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Susan Coronation Dress: Modelled at Last!

 Finally FINALLY finally I have pictures of me in my Susan Coronation dress! You've already heard about the finer details in previous posts (here, here and here), so I'm just going to show off pictures and point a few things out. Yay.

 You can get a clear view of the split skirt in this shot. The reason I opted for a split skirt was that I figured since Susan is only shown riding, the skirt must be split or something. Either that or so stupidly full that I wouldn't have had enough fabric to do it with.


Gah, I will never wear this dress in summer. It is so heavy and hot.

  Your next question may be, "Well? Whaddya gonna do with it now?" 

  Good question.

Right now, I'm at a crossroads with this outfit. Do I jump the gun and just sell the whole dang thing and forget it ever happened (I mean, there's a lot of painful memories with this dress, even though it turned out okay), or do I save it for some occasion? 

...how many occasions warrant the wearing of medieval/fantasy costumes? While I wish I could say "CHYEA A LOT", I'd only be lying to myself. Perhaps this will be in the shop sooner than you think.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  Every October, friends of ours host a marvelous Ocktoberfest- there's cider, wonderful food, bonfires, and most important of all: dancing. No one has ever dressed up yet, so I took the stand and made a Dirndl for the occasion!

  ...admittedly, it was a tad awkward with me being the only one in traditional German dress, but I think this year the other ladies (and maybe some of the men!) will be costumed as well! Perhaps my attire was a spur to prick the sides of their intent? Yes? No? Maybe?

  Anyway, here is my Dirndl. I had a load of fun making it and it's quite possibly the most comfortable costume I've ever made! I hope to wear it for this year's 'fest and to the second Hobbit film... unless, of course, something happens and I decide to make another costume from Middle Earth.

Pfft. Like, that never happens.

 You can see the detailing I put into the back- I have a book of Dirndl pictures from Germany, and some of them had GORGEOUS detailing along the seam lines in the back. This is my attempt at it!

 There are three pieces- the half blouse (it's so awesome), the jumper, and the apron.

If you'd like your very own Dirndl, feel free to contact me! I'd love to make another one of these... not all Dirndls look alike, there are tons of variations, and we can explore one together!

Monday, February 11, 2013


  The reason I haven't really been posting lately is not that I haven't had the time nor any projects to show you- on the contrary, I simply haven't had the chance to photograph any of my recent creations! Last weekend, I had a grand friend of mine came over and we had a wonderful time with our photoshoot. We listened to Taylor Swift and the Princess Bride soundtrack (mmyy loovvee isss like a sttorrryyyboookk looovvee), drank tea and basically had a great time.

  Here's a few sneak peeks just to sate your appetite, for in the coming weeks my shop will be replenished with new wares and this blog shall be full of fun posts!

 This is my normally spick-and-span living room, which was disheveled in the highest degree to get the backdrop for our shoot... and you can see my lovely model in one of the blouses I created for my spring/summer {whimsies} line!

 Here is moi, getting ready for my Ocktoberfest/Dirndl shoot. Yes, that really is a lightsaber in the background. I think we covered a plethora of genres with this one... Steampunk and Sci-Fi all the way to Recency and Edwardian!

And last but not least, another preview of the upcoming {whimsies} line. Betcha can't wait.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Customer Photos: Anne's Sailor Dress!

   One of my recent custom orders, Anne's Sailor Dress, was recieved by the lovely young lady who ordered it... and she promptly sent pictures! Doesn't she look fantastic in it?

 Like I've mentioned before, it's a rare treat to actually get to see the customer in the costume... and this was no exception for me!

 I presume this is her first impression of seeing the dress on herself!

 World, prepare for the sassy, modernized Anne! 


...and the back!

  If you want your own version of this dress, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to do it again... in traditional style or modernized, whatever!