Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why You Need A Cape

Why? First of all, ask yourself that question. Why does anyone need a cape? Let me name the reasons...

 The Hobbit is coming out, and you want to look fab at the theater like we do in the above picture. Notice that even the people without costumes look amazing... 

They can instantly make any costume look better. Believe me when I say that nearly every costume, be it fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi or otherwise, looks ten times better with a cape. 

There ya go. Do you need any other reasons? Check out the shop to find your perfect cape!

...don't believe her, by the way. She doesn't know what she's talking about.


  1. Yes. Yes. and YES. The hobbit is coming out and I have this lovely cloak that I plan on wearing to the theater! And the point about Thor and Loki...100% true. Thanks for making me laugh! This post was just wonderful!

  2. Erm, we need to go see The Hobbit together. My sister was a hobbit for Halloween, so I'm *set*. Eh? Eh?

    Of course you guys look epic. And I finally got to see The Avengers, so I shall now get your references. Including the above. ;)

    1. We're having a Hobbit Party Dec. 22nd. Moosic Cinemark near Montage. Be there- we're all dressing up and going for pizza afterwards. COME, Monica, COME.

      ....we also have to see Les Mis too. The trailer makes me cry. :D

  3. Already got my cape! :) And, by the way, everyone that sees me in it asks me where I got it and I tell them I got it from the best seamstress in the world and direct them to this site :)

    Thanks again for making the best cape ever!

  4. Hurray for capes! Everyone most definitely needs one :-b