Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Coming... {Project Update}

...can you feel it in the air? We're already a few days from the beginning of Advent (and after that, Christmas!), and before you know, it will have been a year since I've started this blog! Sadly, our Christmas will be different this year. My brother left for boot camp yesterday, and we won't be seeing him until late February or early March at the earliest. Please keep him in your prayers!

  In other news, I'd like to show you a few of the projects I've been working on recently. The first is an ornament I made after a Pin!

 I'll be making more for hostess gifts and to keep. Golly, ornaments are so much fun to make.

 Next up is a mustard infinity scarf I'm knitting... and it's not in the round. Yeah, you're shocked. I know you are. But I wasn't too hot on the idea of knitting 640 stitches on my short needles. 

Too lazy to get more needles? You bet.

The above is a pile of fabric and patterns I'm hoping will soon become... 

 Prequel era Jedi robes! Well, I won't be crafting them exactly like Master Gallia's, but the same idea.

(I had her action figure when I was little, and she was my favorite Jedi ever. Besides Obi-Wan, upon whom I crushed for the longest time.)

And last but not least, I am literally 98% done with my Susan Coronation dress from Prince Caspian. That shot should give you an idea of WHY it's been taking me so long to finish it. 

Detail. It's all about the detail.


  1. I really like that music ornament! What a great idea. And by the way, I gotta say it, I'm head over heels for your new blog design. It's so cute and whimsical. :)

  2. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! The ornament was so easy to make, I'm going to be making a tutorial on it shortly! Stay tuned!

  3. I'm knitting a mustard infinity scarf not in the round too. INCEPTION!!!

    And I want to steal Susan's dress. Every time I watch Narnia, I get wardrobe envy. I seriously want to show up dressed like her one day. And when everyone looks at me funny, I'll just go, "Once a Queen in Narnia, always a Queen in Narnia, n00bs."

    Because I *am* a queen in Narnia. GAH I JUST LOVE THAT DRESS SO MUCH. DERPDERPDERP.