Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All Saints!

  Catholics have a special way of celebrating All Hallow's... we have our own special little parties called 'All Saints' Eve', and you come dressed as a Saint or Biblical character. You give a little speech and everyone has to guess who you are. It's loads of fun.

  This year, I was Empress Zita of Austria, who isn't technically a saint. HOWEVER, I was 'standing in' for her husband, Blessed Charles of Austria, because I couldn't be him.

I wore this dress because Empress Zita was married in the year 1912, meaning she was a young woman around that time.

I was a little nervous during my speech, and one of my friends came up to me afterwards and said, "Were you going to cry or something?" 

Nah. That was just my shaky-knees-buckling voice.

I tied for best presentation for my age group, which is saying a lot, considering that the person I tied with perenially gets that award. I guess I didn't do that bad. 

My armor-crafting friend threw this outfit together and got best costume for our age group. He did so with the help of my cape

(And I know you're reading this right now, Pete, come'on... the cape finished the outfit off.)

Not that I was going for best costume... but I think the judges should have taken his SHOES into consideration:

I know I'm gonna get nailed for posting that, but oh well. 


  1. You look positively stunning :)

  2. Lovely,Marlene!
    Congratulations on the award! :)