Saturday, October 20, 2012

Straight from the Workroom: A Project Update


That may look like just a pile of patterns to you. Don't worry. It is. 

But it's not just any pile of patterns. With that pile, I made this:


(side note: it looks much better on a person. Trust me.)
You're probably unimpressed. Okay. Understandable. I'll flash two closeups before I give you an explanation. 

 ...collar and neck edge...

...skirt front... 

Still don't see it? How's this? 

Knights of the Old Republic robes! I am FINALLY doing it, living my dream of making Jedi robes. And thanks to the above beautiful concept art by Aimo, I was able to nail down exactly which I wanted to do! 

Eventually, I'm going to be doing Clone Wars era robes (like sooner than later, I promise!), but I wanted to do something extremely special for my first set. And since I have obsessed over the best role-playing-game in the universe, Knights of the Old Republic, for eight years, I figured I might as well do something from it! 

Can you tell I'm a Star Wars geek? 

Okay, moving on.... second project preview I wanted to give was this ADORABLE little costume I was commissioned to do by a friend's mom: 

A little nun habit for our All Saint's Day party! I can't wait to see it on her! 

The veil was yet to be made when the photo was taken, so don't worry... this lil' nun has a veil. Don't despair. 



  1. Haha, no pile of patterns is just "any" old pile of patterns. You never know what patterns may evolve into. :) I really like that little nun habit too! I made one for my sister for last year's All Saint's party that looked almost exactly like that.

  2. Wow, that old Republic Jedi robe is so cool!
    Great Job! Do we get to see you in it sometime??? :)
    The Nun habit is super cute!