Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror Costumes: The Queen

  Last week, I featured Snow's costumes from Mirror, Mirror, with the promise that I would post about the Queen's costumes this week. Here it is!

  While the movie wasn't all that great, the costumes were fantabulous, as we saw last week. However poofy and bold Snow's costumes might have been, the Queen's were twice as big and fun! They are the epitome of amazing costuming. 

  She is first seen in her Court Dress... 

The attention to detail is STUNNING. 

I love how it just sort of poofs everywhere. And how there's just gorgeous embroidery encrusting the thing. Sadly, this dress is only in one scene. We move onto the next dress... 

... her Peacock Dress!

I love the feather embroidery... so unique, as opposed to having a dress in peacock colors.

And those WINGS and that LACE and that COLLAR! 

...and that POOF! Like... over the top but awesomely fun! 

There is a look-alike pattern

It's a far cry, but with some work it can do. 

  Next up is her Gold Mirror Gown!

Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. 

The bodice and sleeves have a unique slashing design all over... and that ruff... 

 It is also worn WITHOUT the ruff. Relief. 

 Here's some bodice (back and front) detail... I love the pointed bodice. So very classy. 

There are three other costumes before the wedding dress, but I couldn't find many pictures of them. One is her Reflection Dress, which looks like a nightgown with a ruff (is there a trend with ruffs here?), another is this dress... 

 It's very lovely, but the internet wouldn't cough up any other pictures of it. It's about as poofy as the previous dress in the skirt. Then, there's her robe...

Awkward scene. Very awkward. Rrrruuuufffff to that robe, though. It's very lovely.

To build up tension for the most amazing costume in this film, here's what goes underneath it: 

What is it with Hollywood and corset lacing scenes? 

Moving on... here's her wedding dress! 

Is it possible for everyone to fathom just how much work went into that beauty? 

 While I can admire and drool over this dress, I am thankful I am not the one who had to make it. 

But it is breath-taking. 

You just saw the image on the right, ignore that. Check out the one on the left. 


  Lastly, we have her deeply hooded Apple Cloak... 


The dress underneath is a simple black frock with next to no detail. I like the camo print on the cloak, I guess. 
Thanks for reading my Mirror, Mirror costumes series! Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. The Peacock Dress is amazing!

  2. You should check out the costumes of ABC's "Once Upon a Time". Sleeping Beauty in particular has a really pretty gown.

  3. The designs of Eiko Ishioka are amazing, as also seen in Coppola's Dracula (Academy Award for that) and The Fall. I own the golden robe from the Puppy Love scene, and the construction and attention to detail are fantastic. What isn't obvious unless you are looking for it in the movie is that the back of the robe is a pleated train that extends into a point. Julia flounces it onto the bed in one beautiful gesture.