Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Customer Photos: Fellowship Cloak!

   I finally got a chance to be Galadrial herself and weave a cloak for a wayfarer... actually, no, I didn't weave the fabric, but I did get to make a Fellowship Cloak for the same person who ordered this one!

He found the fabric on this site, and believe me, it was perfect. 

 It was like a dream to sew on that fabric. Really, it was. I was sad to see it leave the house, but it looks really amazing with his Aragorn costume.

I have to say that his costume is very impressive (and not just because I contributed to it); he put a lot of time and effort into the whole ensemble and it certainly shows!

Now that is just cool. 

 Best part of the whole deal? I had to try it on to test the fit. Muhahaha.

  If you'd like your own Fellowship Cloak, do not fail to contact me! Additionally, if you are a customer from Willow's Works and would like to share your pictures with me, please send them along! Nothing is better than for me to see my work in action!


  1. That guy has got himself one, great, costume. And of course, your cape makes the whole outfit! You did a really nice job on this. And trust me, I can relate to "trying things on" before shipping them out. :)

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  3. Again you rock! Every time I show people the cloak I tell them it was made by the Elves! Glad I found such a gifted seamstress. :)

  4. There is a tag waiting for you over at my blog if you're interested! =)