Friday, October 5, 2012

An Edwardian Fall

   I made this 1911 shirtwaist a few months ago and didn't really try it on until a few days ago.

And I was going to sell it... but then I was like, 'Hey! I could wear this in real life!' 

...real life being when? I dunno. I'll make excuses.

However, don't worry! This will be a custom listing in the shop... I have plenty of this material left over and would be happen to craft it in your size!

I LOVE the lines... so lovely! The design is so simple but so amazingly classy.

Like this shirtwaist? Request it or purchase a custom listing!


  1. Very Pretty,Marlene!
    And the pictures are lovely!!


  2. Ooh I love it!! I just watched Anne of Green Gables the sequel last night and my tastes for wearing that Victorian style clothing have been vehemently spiked once again! Lovely job on the shirtwaist, to be sure. :) And I love where you shot your outfit! So Anne-ish! :P

  3. OOOOH! I've been pining to wear something from the 1910's or '20s *coughbeenwatchingDowntonAbbeycough* and that's gorgeous. Just out of curiosity, about how much would it cost?

    1. I want to say $50, but that depends on your measurements. However, I'd say around that price!

  4. Hi Marlene,
    I happened to be here via a friends' blog
    lovely pics and notifications
    Keep posting and keep informing
    Best Regards
    I am joining in

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    difficult to comment
    so pl go to the dashboard and remove it so that more readers will take time to comment
    best regards

  5. Very nice!