Monday, October 29, 2012

DC Fashion: The Retro Plaid

  A recent trip to Washington, DC, required a plethora of fashionable clothes. What better to bring than my latest projects? This one is my wild plaid jumper.

 It's made from a retro-ish pattern and this orange/brown wool plaid. Like the combo?

It fit extremely well on me, so I think I'll be making use of this pattern again. Yeah, the purse clashes. So keep silent on that matter. 

Oh, and if you're going through the gemstone section of the Natural History Museum and you see this one quartz formation you're allowed to touch, do you quote Saruman?

Like this jumper? Contact me and we'll see about getting one in your size and choice of fabrics! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Straight from the Workroom: A Project Update


That may look like just a pile of patterns to you. Don't worry. It is. 

But it's not just any pile of patterns. With that pile, I made this:


(side note: it looks much better on a person. Trust me.)
You're probably unimpressed. Okay. Understandable. I'll flash two closeups before I give you an explanation. 

 ...collar and neck edge...

...skirt front... 

Still don't see it? How's this? 

Knights of the Old Republic robes! I am FINALLY doing it, living my dream of making Jedi robes. And thanks to the above beautiful concept art by Aimo, I was able to nail down exactly which I wanted to do! 

Eventually, I'm going to be doing Clone Wars era robes (like sooner than later, I promise!), but I wanted to do something extremely special for my first set. And since I have obsessed over the best role-playing-game in the universe, Knights of the Old Republic, for eight years, I figured I might as well do something from it! 

Can you tell I'm a Star Wars geek? 

Okay, moving on.... second project preview I wanted to give was this ADORABLE little costume I was commissioned to do by a friend's mom: 

A little nun habit for our All Saint's Day party! I can't wait to see it on her! 

The veil was yet to be made when the photo was taken, so don't worry... this lil' nun has a veil. Don't despair. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Customer Photos: Fellowship Cloak!

   I finally got a chance to be Galadrial herself and weave a cloak for a wayfarer... actually, no, I didn't weave the fabric, but I did get to make a Fellowship Cloak for the same person who ordered this one!

He found the fabric on this site, and believe me, it was perfect. 

 It was like a dream to sew on that fabric. Really, it was. I was sad to see it leave the house, but it looks really amazing with his Aragorn costume.

I have to say that his costume is very impressive (and not just because I contributed to it); he put a lot of time and effort into the whole ensemble and it certainly shows!

Now that is just cool. 

 Best part of the whole deal? I had to try it on to test the fit. Muhahaha.

  If you'd like your own Fellowship Cloak, do not fail to contact me! Additionally, if you are a customer from Willow's Works and would like to share your pictures with me, please send them along! Nothing is better than for me to see my work in action!

Friday, October 5, 2012

An Edwardian Fall

   I made this 1911 shirtwaist a few months ago and didn't really try it on until a few days ago.

And I was going to sell it... but then I was like, 'Hey! I could wear this in real life!' 

...real life being when? I dunno. I'll make excuses.

However, don't worry! This will be a custom listing in the shop... I have plenty of this material left over and would be happen to craft it in your size!

I LOVE the lines... so lovely! The design is so simple but so amazingly classy.

Like this shirtwaist? Request it or purchase a custom listing!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror Costumes: The Queen

  Last week, I featured Snow's costumes from Mirror, Mirror, with the promise that I would post about the Queen's costumes this week. Here it is!

  While the movie wasn't all that great, the costumes were fantabulous, as we saw last week. However poofy and bold Snow's costumes might have been, the Queen's were twice as big and fun! They are the epitome of amazing costuming. 

  She is first seen in her Court Dress... 

The attention to detail is STUNNING. 

I love how it just sort of poofs everywhere. And how there's just gorgeous embroidery encrusting the thing. Sadly, this dress is only in one scene. We move onto the next dress... 

... her Peacock Dress!

I love the feather embroidery... so unique, as opposed to having a dress in peacock colors.

And those WINGS and that LACE and that COLLAR! 

...and that POOF! Like... over the top but awesomely fun! 

There is a look-alike pattern

It's a far cry, but with some work it can do. 

  Next up is her Gold Mirror Gown!

Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. 

The bodice and sleeves have a unique slashing design all over... and that ruff... 

 It is also worn WITHOUT the ruff. Relief. 

 Here's some bodice (back and front) detail... I love the pointed bodice. So very classy. 

There are three other costumes before the wedding dress, but I couldn't find many pictures of them. One is her Reflection Dress, which looks like a nightgown with a ruff (is there a trend with ruffs here?), another is this dress... 

 It's very lovely, but the internet wouldn't cough up any other pictures of it. It's about as poofy as the previous dress in the skirt. Then, there's her robe...

Awkward scene. Very awkward. Rrrruuuufffff to that robe, though. It's very lovely.

To build up tension for the most amazing costume in this film, here's what goes underneath it: 

What is it with Hollywood and corset lacing scenes? 

Moving on... here's her wedding dress! 

Is it possible for everyone to fathom just how much work went into that beauty? 

 While I can admire and drool over this dress, I am thankful I am not the one who had to make it. 

But it is breath-taking. 

You just saw the image on the right, ignore that. Check out the one on the left. 


  Lastly, we have her deeply hooded Apple Cloak... 


The dress underneath is a simple black frock with next to no detail. I like the camo print on the cloak, I guess. 
Thanks for reading my Mirror, Mirror costumes series! Hope you all enjoyed it!