Saturday, September 22, 2012

Titanic 2012 Costumes

  Just watched the ITV mini-series for Julian Fellowes' Titanic: One Voyage, A World Of Untold Stories. If you want to get any sleep at night...

  ...don't watch. 

  But if you love Downton Abbey (this is a relatively clean version), costumes (they are ah-mah-zing) and a good story, by all means.

  The costumes. I lurves them. 

^ That man is amazing. 

Er, I mean, I don't have to go into why I love the costumes. I just do. 

....disregard that last comment.

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  1. I never got round to watching this when it was on ages ago. The trailers I don't think did it justice.
    BTW. Downton Abbey has started in are gonna luurrvvee the outfits.