Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mirror, Mirror Costumes: Snow

 "Snow will do what snow does best: snow falls."

   You'll know what I'm talking about, dear readers, if you've seen this movie before. It's one of those movies that you would forget easily... if it weren't for the costumes. They are ah-mah-zing! It's rather a drool-fest when you watch it... sigh.

  Apparently, the costume designer had a terminal illness, so she wanted to leave the costumes of this film behind as her final legacy. And legacy they certainly are!

  There are too many costumes for the Queen and Snow to feature in one post, so I'm going to do one on each. This one is, of course, Snow's... because hers are the best. I should probably save the best for last, but I'm just so excited about a new pattern Simplicity just released to not post about hers first!

  So, we have an unusual number that shows up first, her Birthday Dress...

...I say unusual, because I would have never thought to put light green, pink, and yellow together. And yet, here they are in a gorgeous combination!

The brocades are just delicious. You can bet that even the lining of this dress is silk!

It's topped off with this luscious silk cloak that features welt pockets! Lurves it. 


It's shown here in a girl's size, but the pattern has women's sizes as well. Granted, it needs alterations, but they are easily done. 

  Next comes Snow's Swan Dress...

The main highlight, for me, of this dress is the lace. Of course the wings and the headdress are fun, but the lace that's pretty much everywhere is simple and elegant.

It's practically frothing in lace. 

As of yet, I haven't seen any patterns that have tried to mimic this one, but I think adapting this one  (changing sleeves and skirt) would work out nicely. 

  I really don't care for her Forest Outfit, but I'll post a picture for completeness' sake. 

The coolest part of this costume is that they didn't opt for the usual skin-tight pants. Readers, she has a pair of snazzy gouchos on. Classy! Other than that and in comparison with the other costumes, this one is not as much fun to talk about. With good reason, because she can't be running around the forest in hoops and corsets... 


Last (and best) costume: 

The Wedding Dress! 


I love this dress to pieces. I would totally wear this to a dance... well... adapted appropriately, of course. 


 It's bold, it's sweet, it's lovable... the more I look at this dress, the more I love it.

 There are details everywhere. The lower sleeves, the front bodice, and the over skirt... not to mention the gorgeous bow in the back.

And yersh, there is a pattern

It needs some adapting, as always, but I think that it's an excellent base to start from... in fact, lovely as it is if you needed an easy Snow dress for All Hallows! 

Here's the fun dance scene from the credits to see all the angles of the dress!

  Thank you all for reading... next week I'll post about the Queen's costumes, which are just as fun and doubly full as Snow's!


  1. I saw the movie and yeah it was so-so. I did like her costume as she was with the dwarves. the pants are so cool! If there was a pattern for that ensemble, I might have to get it!

  2. ... that song is eerily catchy. O_O

    Gah, the Forest Dress is my favorite! Classic simplicity ... with autumn-ish sort of colors. Hehe.