Friday, August 10, 2012


  If you haven't guessed before, I've been on a major embroidering kick. Anything and everything I get my hands onto, I embroider. In fact, I'm going to start rummaging through the housewares bins at Goodwill just so I can embroider more stuff.

  And if you haven't seen them yet in the shop, I've been listing my 'GeeKerchiefs.' Go ahead, laugh. But they really are geeky.

  They're vintage handkerchiefs embroidered with popular internet memes, trends, and movie quotes!

 ...geeky, right? There are four altogether, which will be trickling into the shop over the next couple of weeks, along with some more surprises! Keep your eye on the shop... you may be pleasantly pleased with what you find there. 


  1. I like embroidery....just find it hard to get hold of 'plain' handkerchiefs to embellish.
    Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person who uses handkerchiefs these days...well apart from morris dancers.

  2. Those are so adorable! Amazing, and totally creative, embroidery:)

  3. These are so cute!!! Love the mustache. :)