Friday, August 17, 2012

Designs That Haunt Me

  Plague me is what I should have said. Sometimes there's a costume that I design in my head, and it flows out onto paper... never to be made. It's awful, really. Here are a few of the designs that continue to keep me up at night.

  ...okay, maybe not, but good gravy! I should just make them already. *smirk*

Okay, so this is probably the most reachable of my haunting designs. It's a regency dress (no kidding), and I happen to have everything - everything - on hand to do it. I just have to reach out and take it. 

Like I have time. 

 Very high on my list is this set of... Jedi robes. Yes. I know, I know... I ramble on about these robes that I'm going to eventually make, but this set is my dream. It's supposed to be for a Jedi Librarian... which, all things considered, would be an amazing job. I can just see it now; if anyone ever tried to run off without checking the book out... VZZHMM goes my lightsaber and OFF with his head! 

Hey, it's for defense. Defense of books.

 And this is the other set of robes. More specifically, it's for an Old Republic Jedi Master, from a video game. And it's pretty sweet.

 Last Star Wars design. Promise. It's just a flight costume, probably best suited for a diplomat or a historian. I likes it.

Now onto formal wear This design is really Regency, but I would easily wear it to a dance or black tie party. (In case you wanted to ask me) 

Here is one of the MANY designs I drew for my Spring Formal dress. I probably drew up to ten designs for the dress and didn't go with any of them. And I still like this one.

This last one is probably a reachable goal. It's just a Vogue pattern with an altered skirt, but I really really really like it. I have some steel grey satin, so I may do it up in this design for the next dance. 

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