Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exciting New Simplicity Patterns!

  I had a total surprise when I saw that Simplicity had released a grouping of new costume patterns- there were three of note that I wanted to share with everyone.

The most notable (for me) is the continuation of their Lord the Rings-esque patterns. This is obviously designed to look like Hobbit wear... however, don't get this pattern if you're expecting that men's pattern to be there. The chap's only modeling the cape. It's a good pattern, I plan on getting it.

 Being new to the Steampunk world, the concept of a wedding dress is fascinating to me. I like the options in this pattern and how vaguely early 1900's it is, so of course I'm going to get it. It's Simplicity's fourth Steampunk pattern, so I guess I'll make it a traditional of getting every one of them. 


Last (but not least by any means) is this Snow White pattern. VERY COOL. While I haven't seen the film, I admire how this pattern is put together. Of course, the picture on the top right is rather ridiculous- to get a different look, they pushed the shoulder parts down her arm to make it look like it was a 'different' view instead of just being longer than the main view. 

Oh, and I like that underdress. A lot. So I'm also going to be getting this one.


  1. Ooooo, I'm definitely going to buy the first one! I've been toying with the idea of going in costume (therefore greatly embarrassing my family) to the Hobbit movie!! And now here is the perfect pattern! =)