Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cape of Athena

   Athena is my best friend's little sister who stars in this post, and I decided to name this cape after her. I think the photoshoot came out really well!

Perfectly enchanting. 

 This is one of those, 'Hey, twirl and I'll get a picture! I promise!' pictures that.... never really work unless you have a perfect camera. But we tried.

We actually didn't  plan her wardrobe- it just came out like that. Perfect, eh?

Elves don't grin, but this one does. Because she can. 

I made this cape using a medium-weight navy knit. It was cut using my own pattern, and it closes with a pair of ties in the front. 

This cape is now available in the shop! Go take a look.

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  1. Athena is a beautiful name:-) I love Greek names!