Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Narnian Slashing Tutorial

  As promised, I am sharing my tutorial on how to effectively slash your fabric. Slashing has been used for centuries, and there are many methods- this is just mine. I have slashed before on my Green Archery Dress, but I selfishly did not photograph the process. This time, I did.

The only materials you'll need are your garment and an eighth of a yard of lining fabric that won't look inconspicuous if it peeks out. If you're going to be filling the slashes, have a quarter yard of lightweight contrasting fabric on hand. 

  Using your favorite transfer method, draw an oblong diamond shape (mine is two inches tall) onto a piece of your lining fabric and pin over your desired area. Make sure that there is at least an inch of fabric on all sides of the diamond.

Following along the guideline, stitch your diamonds. 

 Carefully cut out the middle of the diamond, leaving about an 1/8 of an inch on the sides. Slash each of the corners to the stitched line to make turning easier.

Next, turn your lining fabric to the inside. Press. 


Optional filled slashes:  
(IGNORE the interlining fabric that looked like it died in the sixties and was rejuvenated by a mad scientist. Plleeaaasseee.)

Cut a small piece of your filling fabric and pin it to the inside of the slash. I pinned mine onto the edges of each lining piece.

 Stitch the edges, making sure that you do not catch the actual garment in the seam.

 If any part of this tutorial is unclear, please comment or contact me so I can assist you. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exciting New Simplicity Patterns!

  I had a total surprise when I saw that Simplicity had released a grouping of new costume patterns- there were three of note that I wanted to share with everyone.

The most notable (for me) is the continuation of their Lord the Rings-esque patterns. This is obviously designed to look like Hobbit wear... however, don't get this pattern if you're expecting that men's pattern to be there. The chap's only modeling the cape. It's a good pattern, I plan on getting it.

 Being new to the Steampunk world, the concept of a wedding dress is fascinating to me. I like the options in this pattern and how vaguely early 1900's it is, so of course I'm going to get it. It's Simplicity's fourth Steampunk pattern, so I guess I'll make it a traditional of getting every one of them. 


Last (but not least by any means) is this Snow White pattern. VERY COOL. While I haven't seen the film, I admire how this pattern is put together. Of course, the picture on the top right is rather ridiculous- to get a different look, they pushed the shoulder parts down her arm to make it look like it was a 'different' view instead of just being longer than the main view. 

Oh, and I like that underdress. A lot. So I'm also going to be getting this one.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Susan's Coronation Dress Diary, {3}

  I've made more progress on my dress. Today's post is on the sleeves...


I even got some of the embroidery done on them! Huzzah! 

The dress is actually fully lined with this gold. I got a great deal on it ($2 a yard!) and it was 60" wide, so I was able to line the entire thing, instead of just a part of it. I was quite pleased! 

Next update will be on the skirt... or skirts, I should say.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diane Barry's Visiting Jacket

   I've had this fabric for a while, and I really couldn't figure out what I was going to do with it. And then... inspiration struck. An Edwardian jacket.

Why not?

 Aren't the flowers lovely? My best friend picked them and put them in the watering can. I like the touch.

This jacket has an excellent range of colors, wearable with so many different outfits. 

The light color and subtle checking make it suitable with either light or dark colors- you choose. 


This jacket is ready in the shop now! Take a look and buy it maybe? 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lorna's Highland Overdress

   I love Lorna Doone. I mean, I haven't read the book, so I can't say that I'm an official fan, but... I saw a good movie version? Does that count?

My inner literary voice is screaming "NO!", but we shall ignore that for the present. 

   So, I have this costume in my collection that really reminds me of her every time I put it on, hence the lovely name.

It's a lace up, paisley overdress that works beautifully with a full-length underdress

You can tell I was fully enjoying the photoshoot. The grass was cool, the dress was comfy (it really is), and the shade was delicious in the warm air.

 Lace up detailing on the bodice.

 Waiting for John Ridd.

  Ala Margaret Hale.

 Isn't it purty?

  This overdress is available in the shop now! Run and fetch it before it's gone!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Susan's Coronation Dress Diary, {2}

  More progress on my version of Susan's Coronation Dress from Prince Caspian! A few nights ago, I slashed the bodice and I've been working on that since. However, I did photograph the whole thing, so expect a full tutorial on slashing soon!

  Here's what the bodice looks like right now.

 I know. Isn't it de-lovely? But actually, pretty much all the work on this part is done. 

 However, I did want to point out one thing. See the gold stitching around the slashes and the neck?

It's on the original dress, too. I didn't make it up. 


  I did start on the sleeves, and while they are pretty much done, I have to tweak them. A lot. So, tune in next time to see how the sleeves went, and to see them on the bodice!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cape of Athena

   Athena is my best friend's little sister who stars in this post, and I decided to name this cape after her. I think the photoshoot came out really well!

Perfectly enchanting. 

 This is one of those, 'Hey, twirl and I'll get a picture! I promise!' pictures that.... never really work unless you have a perfect camera. But we tried.

We actually didn't  plan her wardrobe- it just came out like that. Perfect, eh?

Elves don't grin, but this one does. Because she can. 

I made this cape using a medium-weight navy knit. It was cut using my own pattern, and it closes with a pair of ties in the front. 

This cape is now available in the shop! Go take a look.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keep Calm

...and drink tea. I finished the pillowcase mentioned in this post for my friend's birthday! I hope she'll like it.

The pillowcase already had eyelet edging, but I wanted to make it prettier. So I added some flat lace trim. 

Cuz I could. 

And I wasn't going to show you my woefully un-ironed (is that a word? Oh well, cuz now it is) pillowcase in whole... but here you go. 

Please please please... don't tell my mother. She is a bit of a stickler for ironing things.

This pillowcase is not for sale, I cannot sell this design as it is not my own. However, if you wish to contact me about another design, I'd be happy to oblige!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Susan's Coronation Dress Diary, {1}

  The infidelity of women. We could debate for hours about this, but I know that I'm not very constant... when it comes to planned sewing projects. In this post, I went on and on about this beautiful dress that I was going to make for a Renn Faire that's coming up soon.

  Yeah, you guessed. I changed my mind.

   But not too much, it would seem. Evidence of an older addiction to another dress can be found here- a dress, my dear friends, that I have been dying to do for AGES. Can you guess which one it is, just by looking at the awful mess on my bed?

If you need help... 

  Yes! I'm really and truly making it this time. For real. No joke. To prove it, I'll show you the patterns I'm using. 

I'll have you know that there is yet another pattern I'm using in this costume. Not for the actual dress, but for the underskirt. 

I'm too far ahead of myself- wait for the next post for more information and pictures!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


  ...our new Google+ page! Quite exciting, eh? I don't know why I didn't think to create one before.

Come on over to visit!

 I'm going to be posting exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff, special sales, news updates, advanced notification of listings in the Etsy shop... and so much more. 


Well, not true, but you'll miss out on a lot if you don't! So come one over- what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miss Felicity Merriman- Grown Up

  I've always LOVED American Girls. I think this year marks the tenth year that I've had my Josefina doll- I purchased her at eight with part of my First Holy Communion money. (This is back in the day when they were $82, folks. Yeah, I'm old.)

  I got Felicity (before she was cool) when I was eleven. Yes, there were some jealous moments with the two of them, but I learned to keep a balance with my two beauties. I think I had it rigged so that one doll got to sleep with me while the other got her respective doll bed. 

  ENOUGH of nostalgia. Excuse me. 

   Anyway, my mother made me many girl-doll dresses, amongst them selections from Josefina and Felicity's wardrobes. But one dress I never had for Felicity or me was this one. 

   I always told myself that I would make it... someday. And that someday did come last year, when I had a bunch of light cream fabric that was free. I thought... why not?

 I made a few modifications so that an older girl might wear it. For example, the bodice is very fitted and more to the period, and the painted sash on the original was exchanged for actual embroidery on the bodice. 

 I haven't seen this dress for my age bracket anywhere else on the internet... could it be that I'm the first one to make it? Woo! First fan-made one! 

 Is it just me, or do I match the house?

 There's the embroidery. You can also see that I put a pair of dark blue ties in the side seams.

Last one, ladies! Am I waiting for Ben Davidson in that picture? 

...an older, swoon-worthy Ben Davidson?

You decide. 

  This dress will not be listed on Etsy (anytime soon, that is!), but if you're interested in one for your size, do not hesitate to contact me! I'd be happy to do this dress again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coming Soon....

  I had my best friend and her sister over all last week, and we did a great photoshoot on my previously undocumented costumes. Here's a sneak preview, expect to see more on this blog and in my Etsy shop about them!