Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stamps and Insanity

  First off, I got my lovely new Willows Works stamps this morning!

There you have it! I ordered it from Rubber Stamps.Net, and I absolutely love it! The quality is great, and they're made in the US. Best yet, you can design them yourselves, using an image or the text or your choice. 

Awesome, right? And the price was amazing! Now I'll look really professional with my Etsy packages stamped with my address and a lovely little logo.


Then, there's this little one that I got to spice up the package a bit. I thought it would be really fun to have a little saying that would make my customers know immediately that their package from Willows Works arrived just by looking at it. Also, I think that since Etsy is such a personal place to buy things, customers deserve to have fun packages!

Giggle. I had to clean them up, so I went wild with the paper. That's also to give you an idea of the scale.

  Now for the insane part of this post. I've a 1940's Big Band formal next week... exactly seven days away. And I have to make a dress within that amount of time... I think I can do it, but it's going to be insane.

That there is where I am abouts. 

Funny story about the pattern: I went to JoAnn's last week to purchase the chiffon for the sleeves and the pattern... and as I was walking towards the pattern drawers, I thought to myself,

"Wouldn't it be really funny if they didn't have it...?"

Ha. Ha. Ha. It was hilarious. You should have been there. The look on my face as I rummaged through the drawer must have been a sight. Silly JoAnn's only carries ONE COPY of each Burda pattern. 
Panic. Almost. 

I ordered it from Simplicity last Friday, and just got it on Friday. Phew. So, I madly cut the thing out and now I'm madly sewing it together. Yeah... nothing like a last-minute project to keep you on your toes, right?


  1. Awesome stamps - I've been thinking of getting one of my own, and this site looks like a great resource.

    Ah. I only wish I had a 1940's Big Band formal next week... :grin: Happy sewing!

  2. The stamps ... are SNAZZY. I luvs 'em.

  3. wow, you always have last-minute projects, yet somehow manage to always get them done in time!! (?) how is that possible?
    --and notice i used always TWICE? so much for the rule: never say never/don't use always or whatever it is.