Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sewing Projects of Recent Nature

Attenzione: Loooong, picture-heavy post ahead. Prepare yourselves!

 What ho! I've been sewing quite a bit recently, and I did indeed fix the dress that I had to rip myself out of. Thank you very much for reminding me of that. You might as well give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it.

  Here is the finished dress.

 There it is, in all its evil splendor. This dress must have hated me or something... what I went through to get it to look like this. 


 Am I not right in thinking that it looks rather Grecian? Or Hellenistic?


I just wanted to say both words, because they sound so well when pronounced correctly.

Here's a shot of the pleats I put in place of the gathers they wanted me to put in the front. Sorry. Not high on the 'maternity gathers' look. 


It's a simple dress really, but I wanted the fabric to speak for itself. 

 Think of me (giggle, sing it!) wearing it with a jean jacket, western belt, and some coolio leather boots.

 Don't worry, ladies. I will be wearing a cream slip with that. 


Close-up of the really really really pretty fabric. 


Made of the same material as this dress, I am looking forward to wearing this beachy and fun skirt!


On the side, I am addicted to this song. That is all. You have survived this post.


  1. Oooh, I love the white fabric. It's so delicate and ornate in its own ... simple way. O_o

  2. White dress. *drools* Yup, now I know what you mean about the "I Want" thing. Did I mention I've been drooling all over Regency dresses today? Just thinking about them made me sit up a little straighter today. *more drooling*