Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Renn Faire: The Beginning of It All

  My armoring friend and I are teaming up to create period-correct costumes for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which we will most likely be attending with our friends in Sept-Oct. No, we aren't going as pirates... my friend is still undecided as to what he's going as, but I have an idea of what I'd like.

 See the one on the far right? I love it. It's so beautiful... normally I don't flip for period costumes, but this one is really unusual. Anyway, this is a German 13th century noblewoman's garb. I'm really excited about this project- I have a feeling this one is going to take me to places in the costuming world I never thought I'd go!


  1. That costume IS breathtaking. Can't wait to see your version. :)

  2. I normally dont get excited about costumes like those, but I admit, I do love that one!