Thursday, May 24, 2012

Open Range Ensemble: Another 'I Want' Costume

 Do you ever watch movies or television shows and start drooling? Not over the period drama heroes, but the costumes? Well, I had such an experience recently. Don't get me wrong, it's not the first time this has happened, but I'm actually following through with this 'I Want' kick.

  The era: Edwardian.
  The character: Sue Barlow.

  The movie: Open Range 

Isn't her shirtwaist so pretty? She has inspired me to make several shirtwaists.

Warning: Do not look at the chap. That's Doc Barlow, the country doctor who has a limp. Anyway. Please look at his sister's loverly skirt with the buttons... going down the front... I'll bet my bottom dollar that she has pockets in that there purty skirt of hers. 

Just one more picture, for good measure. No, we are not looking at the Doc. Please affix your attention to the lovely lace insertion on her shirtwaist. 

SO. My battle plans are that I'm making several shirtwaists from different eras, and while they may not look exactly like Sue's, they shall be largely inspired by her. 

Next, I am going to make three skirts, very similar to hers, with eight buttons down the front. Oh, and pockets, if I can help it. I'm hoping on doing one in a tan and black wool check (the fabric I already have), and the other two in blue and brown rayon. Well, depends on what I can find. 

My patterns: 

So, while my costumes won't be exactly 'to the film', they're going to be largely inspired by Sue's outfits. These outfits are going to be great in the fall, because it's something that I can actually wear in 'real life'. 

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